Kurulus Osman 83 Episode English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman (Establishment Osman) is an Turkish television drama series based on the history of The Ottoman Empire written and produced by Mehmet Bozdag. This series particularly focuses on the history of Osman Bey (Osman the Legend) who founded the Ottoman Empire which lasted over 700+years.

The first episode of Kurulus osman was aired on 21 November 2019, Now after almost two and half years this week it’s 83rd episode to be aired on ATV channel in turkey and it’s english subtitles will be made available the next day of episode being aired i.e, on Thursday.

The 83rd episode will be aired on 24th of February on 8pm in Turkey. Probably it will be the last episode of this month.

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This week after the release of it’s 83rd episode of Kurulus Osman, the series stays strong in turkey and throughout the world, it is known that this series is the highest rated series in turkish television channels in the history with over 9.3 rating out of 10 which is unbeatable by any other turkish series.

Despite of the new releases of other historic television series, it always outshines every series and be the first episode to break it’s own records every week.

Kurulus Osman is the continuation of the world record setup series Dirilis Ertugrul which had over billions of viewers all around the world. No doubt Dirilis Ertugrul had given the base to Kurulus Osman in terms of story but when talked about acting the actors had done spectacular performances every week which has an impact over the series.

Over the years now it is speculated that Kurulus Osman will be having the longest running episodes and seasons when compared to Dirilis Ertugrul. Exactly, Kurulus Osman will be having over 7 seasons totally where Dirilis Ertugrul had 5 seasons overall having 150 episodes in 5 seasons.

Since the Kurulus Osman series is famous worldwide it’s episodes is being dubbed in almost every languages in the world mostly English subtitles, Arabic countries and urdu language.

Once, Pakistan current Prime minister Imran Khan publicly announced the people of their country to watch the turkish developed television series, so after that it is being officially dubbed in Urdu language and aired in PTV channel in Pakistan and officially being released on it’s YouTube channel as well.

Kurulus Osman 83rd episode with english subtitles will be made available on every Thursday after it’s initial release on wednesday on ATV channel in turkey.

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