Kurulus Osman 83 Episode Trailer, Summary, Cast, Storyline, Release date

Kurulus Osman (or known as Establishment Osman) episode 82 was released on ATV channel on wednesday evening on Turkey. Once again producer Mehmet Bozdag has given one of the best episode of Establishment Osman series. Here’s some details about the next episode Kurulus Osman episode 83 Trailer, Summary, Cast, Storyline, Release date & more.

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Kurulus Osman (or Establishment Osman) is an Turkish highest rated television series. This series mainly focuses on the state established by Osman Bey (leader of Kayi Tribe) which was later ruled by Osman Bey’s Lineage for over 700+ years, which is considered the longest running state ever in history of the world and history of Turks ever.

Osman Bey is the youngest son of Ertugrul Gazi who layed the seeds for the state which then was Sowed by the great Osman Bey and continued by his Sons later on. That is the reason the state is known by his name “The Ottoman Empire”.

Dirilis Ertugrul (or also known as Resurrection Ertugrul) is known by all over the world, produced by Mehmet Bozdag. Now in an recent interview, Turkish Producer, Screenwriter Mehmet Bozdag revealed that Dirilis Ertugrul was mainly created to give the base for Kurulus Osman (Establishment Osman) series.

It’s been almost 2 and half years since the release of Kurulus Osman in Turkey television channel named ATV channel. every episode of it is being released on every wednesday night on ATV channel and then the next day it is being released on various websites with English subtitles due to wild popularity throughout the world.

Apparently, Kurulus Osman episode 83 to be released next week wednesday on ATV channel, fans are always eagerly waiting to know the storyline up for the next episode, so here’s some summary that we’ve got for you before you watch the 83rd Episode of Establishment Osman. Also before getting into the story lineup let’s have a look at the Kurulus Osman 83 episode trailer here below.

Kurulus Osman 83rd episode trailer

Kurulus Osman 83rd episode trailer starts with Osman bey saying “From now onwards, Until we take these lands….Our Swords won’t go back into our Sheaths”. Clearly Osman bey had an agreement or signed a deal with ‘Emperor Andronikos’, explaining the situation to him about the Mongols commander Geyhatu is ready to take all of the lands in Anatolia from Turks, Rome people etc,.

But here Osman bey got everyone under him even his biggest enemy Aya Nikola and Rogatus Laskaris with the command of Emperor Andronikos to fight against Commander Geyhatu, Apparently, in the beginning of this trailer Osman bey is on his way to defeat Geyhatu with almost everyone under him.

But as seen in the episode Aya Nikola and Rogatus Laskaris is not at all happy with Emperor Andronikos order to be under Osman Bey who has been the biggest enemy of all time for them.

In the next scene, Geyhatu can be seen screaming Osman Bey’s name trying to get him under his control or to kill him possibly. Geyhatu also says “I will kill you”, and probably asks his soldiers to get Osman Bey to him.

This scene might be like, Osman bey sets a trap to the commander Geyhatu and somehow trying to stop the war without any blood being spilled or probably tries to start the war all by himself with his soldiers alone.

Then, in the next scene Vizier Alemsah can be seen talking to some guy who will be introduced in the next episode. however, it is been rumoured that this is the same guy who previously met Vizier Alemsah which was seen by Konur Alp without anyone getting noticed.

Both Vizier Alemsah and the random guy can be seen talking to each other meanwhile the random guy says “I will end Geyhatu and you will end these beys”, by this statement we may assume that the guy is someone who is more or less powerful than Vizier Alemsah.

What happens if commander Geyhatu knows about vizier Alemsah’s plan to get him killed as soon as possible?, does Geyhatu try to kill him or let him play his own game and try to get more information and details about of vizier Alemsah without him being known about his plan of killing Geyhatu.

Cut to the next scene, Aya Nikola and commander Geyhatu’s man Mingiyan trying to hang Rogatus Laskaris meanwhile Aya Nikola says “Argus, You want new army…along Kosses and Osman”, clearly, Aya Nikola has betrayed Emperor Andronikos command to stay under Osman bey and joined hands with Geyhatu, as can be seen in previous episode as well he tries to convince geyhatu that he is and will be standing by his side forever.

As far as Rogatus laskaris hanging death scene it won’t be possible it is just to show geyhatu’s man Mingiyan that he obeys geyhatu at nay cost and then Rogatus will be saved later by Aya Nikola himself.

By that scene we may know that along with Geyhatu even Aya Nikola does not want Osman and his allies and soldiers to die but to be under them and fight for their respective cause forever.

The next and last shot in the trailer, we see that Osman bey along with his soldiers, Turgut Bey, Kosses probably traps Commander Geyhatu in by saying “These lands belongs to us…For friends, we give homes…and as far as our enemies are concerned, we dig their graves”, and as he says that we see he hit’s geyhatu with an arrow on his right chest probably getting the revenge of his one of the loyal soldiers Goktug Alp (previously Kongar) played by Burak Celik.

Also probably, attacks him after that arrow being shot. Now to know that Geyhatu will be brought to his death by Osman Bey we might need to wait for the next trailer or the next episode.

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