How Kurulus Osman actress Ozge Torer impressed audience by making debut in Television?

Ozge Torer is an Turkish television series actress who have predominantly known for her work as Bala Hatun in Turkish highest rated television series Kurulus Osman (Establishment Osman or Organisation Osman). It sounds quiet interesting the fact that Actress Ozge Torer made her debut in this series Kurulus Osman. Know how did Ozge Torer impressed audience and gained worldwide popularity by just making her debut in the series.

How Kurulus Osman actress Ozge Torer impressed audience by making debut in Television?

Kurulus Osman (Organisation Osman) is an Turkish television drama series created by Mehmet Bozdag which has worldwide popularity and been seen every week without any miss.

One of the very important fact that creator Mehmet Bozdag also said it in an interview that, selecting actor for Bala Hatun role was an very important task, Because the role needed a young actor who is beautiful at the same time and who can ride horse, fight with a sword just like the real Bala Hatun.

Ozge Torer Biography

Ozge Torer (23) is an Turkish actress born on 16 August 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey. 23 years old actress Ozge has completed her graduation from Mugla Sitki Kocman University, Turkey. She hails from a good family, however actress Ozge Torer haven’t yet disclosed her family and personal details yet. But she has completed ehr schooling and high schooling from Turkey itself.

Meanwhile, during her education in the university she had an tremendous interest in acting, so she had been into theatre at a very young age, which bought her great attention towards audience.

Ozge Torer acting career

Ozge Torer was very fond of acting while she growing up she used play in small events during her childhood, the acting story actually began when she was little to be precise during her secondary schooling where she used to play characters in plays. Then she knew that she would continue this as an hobby that made the leading actress of Kurulus Osman.

She was always into theatre plays during her childhood, by which she felt it comfortable to play the roles that she was offered as an hobby which she didn’t look as an profession or anything. Which continued until her University exams came near by and she felt it very obvious to consider acting as an profession now rather going into something that she might have not loved doing it right.

Then she had self confidence which helped her continue her acting career as a profession, then she got a chance working in the most highest rated series in turkey.

How did Ozge Torer landed up in Kurulus Osman series?

Ozge Torer being a Model and actress initially gained audience attention through theatre and modelling and then was considered as the perfect actress to portray as Bala Hatun in the series by creator Mehmet Bozdag.

In an interview with Ozge Torer she revealed how lucky she is to be apart of the marvelous television series which is the highest rated series in Turkey and it is being dubbed in more than 10 languages throughout the world, also it is been released in English subtitles the next day of it’s release in ATV channel in Turkey as well.

When asked about the character that she portrays as Bala Hatun that she had implemented in her life, she replied “I Love the way that Bala Hatun was in that time, so nice and generous to the people at the same time very bad with enemies”.

She also said about fans being so supportive to her until now since beginning of this series she replied “Of Course, i like the way it is going on, i would like to work more on this project to my fans, my feelings for his can’t be expressed in one shot or in one sentence, but since this is my first experience i like it very much”.

The reason behind the success of this character Bala Hatun internationally is because of the actress Ozge Torer who portrays it so naturally, she has impressed the audience of Kurulus Osman to consider her as the Bala Hatun in reel life.

Despite Ozge Torer tremendous acting in the series, it is her looks that made audience grab the attention in no time and adopt her as the Bala Hatun in reel life. It is like no one could be replaced as Bala Hatun in the series now. Take a look at some of her breathtaking pictures below which is the proof that her natural beauty has helped her grab audience attention in no time.

How Kurulus Osman actress Ozge Torer impressed audience by making debut in Television?

Also due to her worldwide popularity now she has over 900k+ followers in her Instagram account where she posts her pictures and Kurulus Osman trailer for promotions.

Recently, actress Ozge Torer has also been awarded the best leading actress in the series by Crystal Globe Awards, take a look at the picture here below. (Credit: Ozge Torer Instagram)