Tyler Posey – Age, Height, Wiki, Biography, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Movies

Tyler Posey is an American Actor, Singer, Director & producer popularly known for his level of dedication towards Hollywood and in the field of cinema.

Started his career at an age of 9, while he made his debut in 2000, played role of a ‘boy’ in an American drama film “Men of Honor (2000)”.

He has been in film industry for over 2 decades as of 2022, had worked in many American films and Tv series, of which his most popular hit was Teen Wolf (2011- 2017) and Truth or Dare (2018).

In this article you will find out everything about Tyler Posey – Age, Height, Wiki, Biography, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Movies & more.

Tyler Posey Bio

Full NameTyler Garcia Posey
Birth NameTyler Posey
ProfessionActor + Singer +
Director + Producer
Date of Birth18 October 1991
Age30 years as of 2022
Birth PlaceSanta Monica, California, USA
SchoolLocal elementary School,
Santa Monica, USA
Zodiac SignLibra
Net Worth$8 Million
Salary (per annum)NA
Maritalin relationship
WifeNot Yet
GirlfriendSeana Gorlick (2013-2014),
Bella Thorne (2014-2016),
Sophia Taylor Ali (2016-2017),
Phem (2021)
ChildrenNot Yet
ParentsJohn Posey
Cyndi Terese Garcia Posey
SiblingsBrothers :
Derek Posey
Jesse Posey
Sisters :
Mayra Posey

Tyler Posey an American actor and singer was born on 18 October 1991 in Santa Monica, California, United States of America. According to his dob he is currently 30 years old as of 2022 and he is casted under Libra zodiac sign.

Born in a upper middle class family with father being John Posey, an actor and director. Mother Cyndi Terese Garcia Posey who passed away on 12 december 2014 at an age of 55 due to breast cancer which lasted for past 4 years before her death.

It is believed that Tyler Posey had renamed in the love of her mother Cyndi Terese Garcia, tyler posey was his birth name after her mother’s death he thought of adding both his parents surname after his name.

Tyler Posey - Age, Height, Wiki, Biography, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Movies

The 30 year old American actor devoted his initial stage of his career in the film industry unlike his father he had also made his recognition and fame in the film industry.

Tyler Posey also known as Tyler Garcia Posey , is an American based celebrity known for her contributions in the acting and singing respectively, He is majorly known for his role as ‘Scott McCall’ in the fictional based Mtv Television vampire-wolf series named “Teen Wolf”, for the duration period 2011 to the year 2017.

Additionally, in his 23 years experience in the film industry, Brand endorsements and photoshoots for the magazines he had collected estimated networth of over $8 Million.

Early Life

Tyler Posey born and raised as “Tyler Garcia Posey”, was born in the year 1991 dated October 18 to be precise is casted under the zodiac sign Libra, he has equal interest and intensity in acting and excelling in physical activities like sports, active work and stamina based work requirements.

Tyler was born into a moderate family, his father named ‘John Posey’ was an american based writer and his mother Cyndi Terese Garcia was a homebased wife.

He was also raised with his other two siblings named Derek Posey and Jesse Posey who are also male characters in their nuclear moderate family. The Posey family is an American based family with Mexican ethical descents.

He and his siblings, equally played and raised in the town of Santa Clarita, California. Tyler is around 30 years of age for the year 2022.

He got into a normal and civilised elementary school where he completed his primary education and later went to Hart High School to complete his higher secondary academic period, and also completed his bachelor’s degree in the same institute.

Tyler, was noted to be very much interested in curricular activities rather than his actual academic line, yet the curricular activities made him gain fame and initialize his career steps. Tyler’s mother left their family by dying through breast cancer in the year 2014.

Professional Life

After completing his bachelor’s degree, Tyler hped onto his career line by making his first debut appearance in the film ‘Collateral Damage’ released worldwide in the year 2002, this was his major first appearance that caught a lot of eyes for his performance, Consecutively Tyler did maintain many appearances in the Television and minor produced films.

He also appeared as the main character’s son in the film romantic-comedy theme based film ‘Maid in Manhattan’, Further he was reported to giving auditions for ‘Jacob Black’ in the fictional Vampire based movie line named Twilight.

Later the role was taken up ‘Taylor Lautner’, a well known Hollywood actor, Taylor Lautner was also Taylor’s childhood friend, both didn’t have any conspiracies between each other and accepted the role decision,

The exact same year Taylor had to lend his voice for the “Pilot”, in the Disney produced original Cartoon named ‘SheZow’, which was released on May 4, as a minor part of the Mcshorts’ shorts.

Tyler made a debut in a lead role in the Film ‘White Frog”,ongoing energy of his career steps, Tyler was casted in the fictional Mtv series named “Teen Wolf”, based on the Film released in the year 1985.

The Storyline goes as follows Tyler plays a role of High school practising who is bitten by a werewolf, and also turns into one later, Posey needs to keep his werewolf identity hidden by protecting his Family and Closed member, while supernatural entities plan on attacking him as he is outsider,

Tyler later became one of the official producers of the show for it Fifth season instalment. In the year 2017, Tyler had been casted for the role of ‘Lucas Moreno’, in the Blumhouse produced thriller based Film named ‘Truth or Dare’, which was later released in the year 2018.

He was also recognized as the role of ‘Shane’, in the VH1 slasher based television series ‘Scream’, premiered worldwide in the year 2019,Tyler was proficiently casted in the year 2017 for the character.

2019 played a certain disheartening role as earlier Tyler was casted for the role “Micheal Emerson”, in the CW television series, but later the hopes were broken as the producers decided to recast the whole team cast including Tyler.

Tyler was later cast for the Netflix cartoon adaptation of the “Fast and Furious” film series named as ‘Fast and Furious: Spy racers”. Tyler was also fond of keeping and practising Music, he gained limelight about his musical talent as he was the Front end Guitar player in the band known as “Disappearing Jamie”, also known as ‘Lost in Kostko’,

They held their First performance at “The Roxy” in Los Angeles in the year 2012, they were also know for their album ‘You’re going to need a towel’ released in the year 2011,

Posey grew out of the band and conveyed his regards to the band as he announced he was breaking up with the band in the year 2013, through his instagram handle.

He also played a Disco Jockey for the anniversary of Emo Nite in the year 2016 at the Venue Echoplex in Los Angeles.

He contributed to the UK Pop punk band known as Bottom Line, making a cameo appearance in their music video held in the year 2021.

Tyler Posey Girlfriend

Tyler Posey is a queer sexual oriented Human. He was engaged with his childhood friend Seana Gorlick, in the year 2013, its known that the couple had been maintaining a relationship of 10 years, they soon announced their break in the same year due to unbiased provided information.

Tyler later disclosed his identity of being hooked by men, as he revealed his deepest secret that he used to consume marijuana by smoking calling from his young age.

He is a queer based personality and accepts his interests in the sexual stigma and gender preference fluidity.

Tyler started dating Musical artist Phem in the year 2021, after revealing his identity of being a queer.

He revealed his sexual preference as he gained fame by his successful show named ‘Teen Wolf’.

Tyler Posey Instagram

Apart from being an actor, director, producer and singer he also has an Instagram account where it seems that he is not quite active at all on social media.

Although he has just posted only 2 posts on Instagram, he has over 6.6m+ followers (may increase by the time you read this article).

Checkout his first posts on Instagram here below.

Tyler Posey Height

Tyler has been proactive and has been noted to be portraying curricular activity intensity, indirectly pointing to his zodiac feature as he was born under the Libra Zodiac sign.

Also, Tyler keeps his physical appearance maintained by consuming natural foods and he has an estimated height of around 1.78 Metres, 5 feet and 9inches.

He has established his mark by being a body enthusiast and has 72 kilograms as his body weight.

He has rooted ethnicity of Mexican descent, thus proving the fact that he has inherited brown colored eyes from his parents and he has black textured hair.