Salman Khan Height in feet

salman khan height

Salman khan Height in feet and cms with shoes

Hey, guys lets see salman khan height in feet with shoes first. And, then later on lets see his height without shoes and some comparisons.

In feet and Inches 5 feet and 9 Inches ( 5′ 9” )
In centimeters 175.26 cm
In meters 17.526 m

Salman khan Height in feet and cms without shoes

Now, let us see how tall is salman khan without shoes. Here is his height without shoes in various units.

In feet and Inches 5 feet and 7 ¼ Inches ( 5′ 7 ¼ ” )
In centimeters 170.08 cm
In meters 17.008 m

So , here is what we saw. Now, lets see some of the comparisons between salman khan and other celebrities.

Comparisons with other Celebrities

Katrina Kaif and salman khan Height comparison

salman khan and katrina kaif height comparison

Now, here is a comparison between salman khan and Katrina Kaif’s heights. In the above picture we can see salman Khan standing next to katrina kaif who is 5 feet 8½ inches ( 5′ 8½ ).

Salman khan with Anushka Sharma

salman khan and anushka sharma height comparison

In the above image we can see salman khan posing next to sharma who is 5 feet 9 inches ( 5′ 9″ ) tall. However, anushka sharma is not wearing any heel and salman khan has worn slightly thicker base shoes.

Salman khan with Varun Dhawan

salman khan and varun dhawan height comparison

Here, in this image we can see salman khan next Varun Dhawan who is 5 feet and 9 inches tall ( 5′ 9″ ).

Salman Khan with Shahrukh Khan

salman khan and shahukh khan hieght comparison

Now, let us see the comparison between salman khan and Shahrukh Khan. So, we can see Salman Khan standing next to Shahrukh khan who is 5 feet and 8 inches ( 5′ 8″ ).

Salman khan and Aamir Khan

Here is a picture of Salman khan who is standing next to amir khan who is 5 feet and 6 inches ( 5′ 6″ ).

Salman khan with Ranveer Singh

Salman khan next to Ranveer singh who is about 5 feets and 10 inches ( 5′ 10″ ).

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