Ryan Gage Age, Height, Biography, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Kids

Ryan Gage British Actor, Director & Producer better known for his acting in multiple movies and Television series as well. Actor Ryan gage has been dominating film industry for over three decades now.

Ryan Gage Age, Height, Biography, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Kids

He started his career journey as an actor in film industry since he was 10, where he made his debut in British television drama series The Bill in 1993 till 1999 where he played Carl Buxton.

In this article you will find out more about Ryan Gage Age, Height, Biography, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Kids & more.

Ryan Gage Bio

Full NameRyan Gage
Birth NameNA
ProfessionActor + Director + Producer
Date of Birth17 January 1983
Age39 years as of 2022
Birth PlaceEngland, United Kingdom
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Net WorthUSD 5 million
Salary (per annum)NA

Ryan Gage was born on 17 January 1983 in England, United Kingdom, which makes him come under Capricorn zodiac sign and aged about 39 years old as of 2022.

Due to wide popularity in the film industry by dominating the film industry for over Three decades and more now, he has built a name and fame for himself also his network and the networth too.

British actor Ryan Gage has an estimated networth of about USD 5 million, his main source of income is considered from film industry. Though he is not very active on social media handles which most of the other actors of his age and category do having that kind of networth makes him different from other celebrities and unique.

Ryan Gage, known for his role as King Louis, in the BBC television series “The Musketeers” premiered Globally in the year 2011 based on the Novel “The Three Musketeers written by Alexandre Dumas Père originally published as ‘Les Trois Mousquetaires in 1844’, and also recognized for his notable role as “Ted Bundy”, in the television series, “Angel of Decay” premiered in the year 2011 Globally.

Ryan Gage Age, Height, Biography, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Kids

Though he started his career in film industry since 1993 at the age of 10 to be precise, he had number of movies and television series to get fit into but having said that an actor lives only a single role at his best for his lifetime and that creates history, something like this seemed to have happened with actor Ryan Gage.

In the year 2014, Action, drama television series “The Musketeers” was created by Adrian Hodges inspired from the novel The Three Musketeers written by the famous french author Alexandre Dumas where actor Ryan gage got a chance to be part of it was his life changing and challenging role for the actor, know more about the role of Ryan Gage in the movie.

Ryan Gage in “The Musketeers”

The Musketeers, derived from its original novel “The Three Musketeers’, written by Alexandre Dumas Père, originally published as ‘Les Trois Mousquetaires in 1844’, is about a historical romance, and narrates the stories and adventures of four fictional heroes for their astonishing performances during the rule of French kings Louis XIII and Louis XIV.

Who reigned during the 17th and early 18th centuries, the Three Musketeers is a marvellous journey and should be appreciated foremost for its engaging story.

Dumas’ historical background, the novel’s melancholy becomes even more pronounced. It’s almost as if Dumas presents this wonderful romantic adventure, giving people a chance to break free of the daily constraints and immerse themselves in better thoughts about their country, then turn it down.

He can’t get himself to the bottom of the lies of romanticism. Even keeping in mind that this turn to ambiguity is typical of the last part of the novel, it is hard to understand the end of the novel as Dumas’ rejection of romantic values.

The Musketeers was globally premiered on BBC, in the year 2014.The television series has a set of three seasons premiered alternatively.

Early Life

Ryan Gage was born and brought up in England, United Kingdom, Ryan, was born in the year 1983 dated 17 january to be precise, he was casted under the zodiac sign Capricorn as he was born in the year january.

Ryan is about 39 years of age as of the year 2022. He was brought up in a well-settled decent family in England, He went to a normal elementary school to complete his primary education, and completed his academic period by graduating from a Civilized and ethical University.

Ryan is an actor, and it probably defines that he graduated in arts and theatre during his Undergraduate academic period. He was fond of the stream line of Movies that inspire people to take part and admire themselves in the film. He is known for his role as King Louis in the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Television series named “The Musketeers”.

There aren’t particular details or specifications about his lineage or heritage. The identities of his parents or family members haven’t been revealed due to lack of information and incompetent media resources. Ryan is a well-established British actor, he has portrayed many roles with his British accent and method acting.

Professional Life

Ryan Gage, is famous for his method acting in the BBC television series “The Musketeers” premiered globally in the year 2014, the storyline of the television series has been separated into three different seasons.

He is also known for his role as Bundy in the serial killer based television series “Angel of Decay”, premiered globally in the year 2015, he shares the screen with popular actors such as ‘Charlotte Jordan’, ‘Sam Redford’ , ‘Christina Wolfe’ and Elliot Cowan’ among others.

Consequently he also portrayed Master of Laketown’s deputy Alfrid Lickspittle in the 43 winner fictional movie series “The Hobbit”, Ryan portrayed his role as Alfrid Lickspittle in the films “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five armies”.

Ryan Gage Age, Height, Biography, Career, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Kids
Ryan Gage The hobbit

Ryan was nominated and had been awarded with the Best Actor Award at the British Independent Film Festival in 2016, for reprising his role as ‘Bundy’, in the film “Angel of Decay” released in the year 2015.

Ryan has also contributed his acting skills in theatre, where he has been a part of theatre plays like Hamlet,A Mid Summer’s Night dream and Macbeth, dedicatedly working with the production company “Royal Shakespeare Company”.

Proceeding with his acting career, Ryan has also lent his voice for video game characters like “Charibert”, in fictional games like “Final Fantasy XIV” and “Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward” for his notable expressions and contributions to the game.

British actor Ryan Gage has an estimated and calculated Net Worth of $5Million.

Ryan Gage girlfriend

Ryan Gage considers himself as straight and general sexual oriented personality. Due to lack of resources and keen privacy reasons there isn’t much specification about Ryan’s involvement in any type of relationships or affairs.

Ryan is stated as a single person as per his Marital Status. He doesn’t have any kids as he hasn’t married any known celebrity, or personality.

Physical Appearance

Ryan has goldenish black long hair, and has a devoted hair care routine. He has greyish black coloured eyes, and british based eye structure.

Ryan is said to have a calculated weight of around 58 to 59 Kilograms, Ryan is about 5 Feet and 10 inches, and is measured to have 1.78 metres of height as per metric scale.