Every Evelyn Edwards movies ranked from best to worst

Every Evelyn Edwards movies ranked from best to worst

Evelyn Edwards is an American actress who is predominantly known for her role in many American television series and as well as in many American movies. This award-winning actor has been in a number of popular television series and films, including Hydrogen vs. Hindenburg for National Geographic and Her for the Academy Award. Their time is spent chronicling the history of castles with her spouse, a psychologist named Chris Langer.

Not only that she is also an photographer and has a YouTube channel, Queen of the Castles, where she posts her travelogues. She and her husband chronicle the traditions and history of English and Scottish communities on their travels.

Recently, In Mimi, Evelyn Edwards, who played Summer, captured our hearts with her performance. It wasn’t simply her acting that made us laugh, weep, and feel so much. Since she revealed on Instagram that she had never spoken Hindi before, and that she made the effort only for her role in this film, the internet is gushing over her. Her dialogue delivery is awe-inspiring to those who hear it. She spent days polishing her Hindi speech with her trailer, Hima Singh, and it shows!.

Here’s the list of Every Evelyn Edwards movies ranked from best to worst:

Sl No.MovieYear releasedRole playedDirectorIMDB rating
1. Mimi2021SummerLaxman Utekar8.4/10
2. Star Power2018KarenJames Wan Alden6.8/10
3. Her2013Mother Who Dated PricksSpike Jonze8.0/10
4. An numbers Game2010HeatherJames Wan Alden3.7/10

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