Kurulus Osman episode 79 cast, Story, Trailers & more

Kurulus Osman episode 79 cast, Story, Trailers & more

Kurulus Osman is an Turkish historical drama series which is based on the Ottoman empire founded by the great Osman bey (also known by the name kara osman or dark osman) and led by his generations for over 700 years. This series is said to have about 7 seasons in total. Currently, it is aired on turkish television channel every wednesday named ATV.

Kurulus osman series is the continuation of tuskish television drama series Dirilis Ertugrul which had over 5 seasons starting from year 2014 and ended on year 2018. Dirilis Ertugrul or Resurrection Ertugrul is based on life of Ertugrul Bey who led Kayi tribe after his father Suleyman Shah and also conquered many castles and places which helped Osman bey to build a empire/nation out of it.

Kurulus Osman season 1 episode 1 aired on 20 November 2019 and successfully running the series in turkey and all over the world. Recently, Kurulus Osman season 2 ended on a very high suspense ‘Orhan Gazi born’, ‘Bala Hatun being pregnant’ and ‘Osman Gazi conquering castles’ and more.

After a very long time, Kurulus Osman season 3 finally premiered on ATV television channel on 6 October 2020, with each and every episode being aired on ATV channel and every episode ending on a high suspense and viewers cannot wait for the next episode to be aired sooner.

Kurulus Osman episode 78 was a big shock and heart breaking to Goktug Alp (played by Burak Celik) fans as it’s the last episode for Burak Celik after such a long run in this series. Actor Burak Celik had a successful career when he joined Kurulus Osman and initially played role of Kongar and then Goktug Alp (commander of kayi soldiers), fas had an emotional connect with Goktug Alp but since producer Mehmet Bozdag is actually focusing on the real history rather than fictional characters, so he made a decision of taking this series to an another level.

Recently Burak Celik bid a goodbye message to Kurulus Osman fans and goktug alp fans where he took to his Instagram and posted a picture of both Goktug and Kongar and captioned it as “I would like to thank our dear audience, whose presence had been felt since the the first day, who have not spared their support being my biggest source of motivation; to my team, who worked hard with me under all kinds of difficult conditions, my esteemed actor- friends and the Kurulus Osman family, of whom I have been a comrade on this beautiful journey. To every of you, thank you!”. Checkout the post below.

Also this post of his has over 160k+ likes and commented by his co-actors Burak Ozcivit, Ruzgar Aksoy and Ragip Savas from Kurulus Osman. Reportedly, he is known to have signed an another series which he might be in the lead role. Why so? because he recently posed another picture where he changed his look from goktug alp to another character, which has oer 120k+ likes and commented by his co-actors Didem Balcin, Emel Dede, Buse Arslan and Ruzgar Aksoy and more.

After the release of kurulus osman episode 78 fans are very much eager to know what’s going to happen to Ossman Bey who is trapped by Mongol commander and leader Geyhatu, Fans predict that Sultan Mesud is actually going to save Osman Bey from Geyhatu by making some deal with him and Osman Bey to be taken to trail or being send back to Kyi tribe again.

Kurulus Osman episode 79 is going to be released on ATV channel on wednesday which is a day long that’s it and then the secret will be solved.

According to the trailer of Kurulus Osman episode 79, it was shown that Selcan Hatun was fighting a battle and got heavily injured and felt unconscious, fans are predicting that may be it might be the last episode of selcan hatun as well, as the story is taking a new turn into Osman bey this might be the reason Osman bey is eagerly waiting to found his new state by not having any connections with Seljuk Empire as it is getting damaged by the rule of Mongol in it.

Since from last few episodes it is shown that Osman bey being injured by Konur Alp first and then Vizier Alemsah and now Geyhatu has taken over Osman bey now, fans also predict that this might end very soon may be by episode 80 and then Osman bey will have the revenge of Goktug Alp and Selcan hatun, also move forward to found a new state named after Osman bey “The Ottoman Empire”, which is then going to ruled by his elder son Orhan Gazi.