Kurulus Osman 94 episode Gunduz Bey death, cast, story line, Trailer

Kurulus Osman 94 episode [Bolum] is set to release on 18 May 2022 on ATV channel, checkout the story lineup, cast and trailer for the upcoming episode.

Kurulus Osman [The Establishment Osman] is an Turkish drama Television series produced by Mehmet Bozdag under Bozdag film banner which is being telecasted in ATV turkish channel every wednesday 8pm [turkish time].

Currently, Kurulus Osman is all set to release its 3rd season 94 episode which is considered as the best and emotional episode of all the episodes released till date.

According to the trailer released by Kurulus Osman team on 16 May 2022, it can be seen that the fight for the most valuable land Inegol castle for the Ottomans has been started and at the same time it was also shown that The Ottomans first sultan or ruler or founders elder brother Gunduz Bey has been heavily wounded and can be seen falling from an measurable height.

It can be believed that Gunduz Bey [played by Emre Basalak] is all set leave the series at the aalmost end of season 3? Though there are no goodbyes for Gunduz Bey seen on the internet by any actor or the producer or still there is hope for the actor to stay for a while? wait you are just hours away to be known about it in detail.

Fans are usually very much excited for the episodes every week but this time there is more await as the episode is being released after Eid-ul-fitr, additionally, there are lot more questions this time than usual.

The very first thing that fans dont believe is Gunduz Bey is going to die in the upcoming episode. If not Gunduz Bey who is the other actor who is going to say goodbye for this series?.

Whether it is Cerkutay, Baysungur Alp or Boran Alp? the reason behind these names are these characters are fictional characters in the series although they portrayed it very well but the producer might be trying to eliminate the fictional characters are bring up the real characters by replacing them with other actors in the series as there might need a change in the series.

Kurulus Osman 94 episode will be revolving around the conquering Inegol Castle, The death of one of the close members of Osman Bey, Orhan [played by Aybars Kartal Ozson], Alaeddin [played by Yaman Cinar Balci] and Holofira [played by Duru Yazici] escaping their kidnap and more screen time to Osman Bey daughter Fatima Hatun.