Kuruluş Osman 49. Bölüm | All details you need to know for the next upcoming episode…

Kuruluş Osman 49. Bölüm | All details you need to know for the next upcoming episode...

Spoilers Alert:

 Hello guys here are some details about Kuruluş Osman upcoming 49th episode, so there may be spoilers here, so please if you guys haven’t watched the 48th episode. please watch it first then continue reading.

So here are some links for the Kuruluş Osman 47. Bölüm

Link 1 : Kuruluş Osman (YOUTUBE)

After the release of the latest episode of Kuruluş Osman, there are many fan theories getting viral on social media and fans are really very much excited about what’s gonna happen in coming each and every episode because once after watching the fantastic episodes of Diriliş: Ertuğrul, Fans were quite excited when creators of Diriliş: Ertuğrul announced the continuation of the series named Kuruluş Osman, and now we are in such a phase of Kuruluş Osman that each and every member or character is waiting for the ottoman state to establish.

They(fans) started comparing both the historic series but fans were not quite impressed with the season 2 beginning, but then once when announced about Diriliş: Ertuğrul stars will also be joining Kuruluş Osman, then it all got hyped up over the night.

Stars like Tamer Yiğit (played Ertugrul Gazi), Didem Balçın (Selcan Hatun), Nurettin Sönmez (Bamsi Beyrek) and Celal AL (Abdur Rehman Gazi).

Fans were very much offended when announced that there lovable stars in Diriliş: Ertuğrul will be replaced in Kuruluş Osman and that’s what happened we saw our main lead actor Engin altan düzyatan (Ertugrul Gazi) was replaced by Tamer Yiğit.

Fortunately, we got to see ERTUGRUL BEY, ABDUR RAHMAN GAZI and BAMSI BEY entry in Kuruluş Osman season 2, but one of our most beloved TURGUT ALP is not been shown as of now (i.e, till 48 episode).

This is where fans are going crazy, fans are comparing the real history and some of them say according to the history and whatever been shown in Kuruluş Osman some part of it is actually not really tells us the history, some are fictional (due to make fans excited and wait for each and every upcoming episodes).

Kuruluş Osman 49. Bölüm | All details you need to know for the next upcoming episode...

Now talking about latest upcoming episodes of Kuruluş Osman, as shown in the latest episode no. 48, we got to know that Osman Bey has been into trouble risking his and his Alps life in the battlefield, but somehow with his pure intelligence got escaped and managed to trap Aya Nicola best commander Flatyos (Flatuis).

Then we also saw the commander Flatyos (Flatuis) has been put into the dungeon for further investigation about who was the traitor in our tribe who bought every details about our trap to Aya nicola. But her manages to keep it himself and he somehow didn’t utter a single word about Dundar Bey to Osman Bey.

Also we did get to see the death of Bayhoca son of Savci Bey, by the trap led by Aya nicola and Bayhoca was injured in the battle field badly by shooting an arrow onto his back and then one on chest by Flatyos (Flatuis) infront of Osman Bey, but somehow Osman Bey manages to keep his anger lower due to his nephew’s death in order to get to now about the traitor in the tribe.

But Savci Bey and Lena Hatun due to the anger of their son’s death they got into dungeon and killed Flatyos (Flatuis), then they both confessed about the death of Flatyos (Flatuis) infront of Osman Bey.

Now after seeing Kuruluş Osman 48 Bölüm many questions arises here,

  1. When will Turgut Alp make his comeback in Kuruluş Osman? according to history he was with Osman Bey all the time..

2. Is Dundar bey going to die because he is the traitor in the tribe at present and he is still looking to become Bey of his tribe?

3. Does Umur Bey and his daughter Malhun Hatun really support Osman Bey? or they are planning to establis the state?

4. When is the Inegol castle being captured? because another Mongol commander is being shown up in the new episode and he is after Osman Bey’s life..

5. Does Goktug Alp going to die in Kuruluş Osman season 2?

6. What about Lena Hatun? Is she gonna be okay with his son born after the death his son Bayhoca?

7. What’s gonna be the name of Savci Bey’s second son? Is he going to be an Alp or an teacher or preacher?

8. If Savci Bey and Lena Hatun get’s to know that about Dundar Bey that due to him there son Bayhoca is dead, then what are they going to do with Dundar Bey?

9. Most importantly, What will Osman Bey gonna do with Dundar Bey, if he gets to know the truth about him? Then according to history, is dundar bey got executed by Osman Bey?

10. Actually how many people(traitors) are there in the tribe like Idris (potter) and Dundar Bey in the tribe?

11. Will Osman Bey get to know about Petrus now? and what he is upto?

12. Is Turgut Alp making his comeback in Kuruluş Osman due to increase in number of enemies?

13. If at all Osman bey wins this Battle of Armenia, then What will Aya Nikola do? what’s gonna his next step after this? and will he get to know about zulfikar (zulfiqar)?

14. What will be the reaction of Aya Nicola when he hears the news of death of Flatyos (Flatuis)?

15. Is Aya Nikola really going to believe Goktug Alp, because he needs a commander now like Flatyos (Flatuis)?

16. If Turgut Alp returns in Kuruluş Osman, then what about the Bamsi Bey character?

17. Does Bamsi Bey know Togay before? and his abilities?

18. Where is Yavlak Arslan?

19. When will Geyhatu be shown in kurulus osman again?

20. Is Umur Bey going to die in kurulus osman season 2? Then what will be the reaction of his tribe and most importantly Malhun Hatun

Stay updated here for more article like these, we will be back with each and every fan theories and give explanation on them too..

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