Hafþór Jùliús Björnsson – Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Family

Hafþór Jùliús Björnsson is an Iceland Strongman, former professional BasketBall player and actor popularly known for his role as ‘Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane’ in American fantasy drama television series “Game of Thrones” in 2014.

Game of Thrones is also the one of the world’s most watched Television series of all time which stars Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and Kit Harington as Jon Snow in lead.

In this article you will find out everything about Hafþór Jùliús Björnsson – Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Movies, Early & professional life & more.

Hafþór Jùliús Björnsson Bio

Full NameHafþór Jùliús Björnsson
Birth NameNA
ProfessionActor + Strongman +
Basketball player
Date of Birth26 November 1988
Age33 years as of 2022
Birth PlaceReykjavík, Iceland
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Net Worth$2 million
Salary (per annum)$300,000
SpouseKelsey Henson (m. 2018)
ChildrenTheresa Líf
ParentsBjorn Thor Reynisson,
Ragnheidur Margret Juliusdottir
SiblingsHafdís Lind Björnsdóttir

Hafþór Jùliús Björnsson known for his icelandic native birth and also known by his professional name “The Mountain Man”, is born and raised in Iceland, he is known for his careers as a Professional Bodybuilder and a role based classical actor, he is known for his roles as Gregor Clegane in the Hit HBO produced Television series named “Game of Thrones”.

Hafþór Jùliús is also recognized for his bodybuilding career, as he has parted and competed in many various bodybuilding Competitions, he is also known for his role as Mongkut in the film “Kickboxer: Retaliation” released in the year 2018.

Early life

Hafþór Jùliús Björnsson was born in the year 1988, which makes him about 33 years of age for the current year 2022, Jùliús has been casted under the Zodiac sign Sagittarius as he was born in the month of November, 26 to be precise.

Jùliús was born in Reykjavik ,Iceland, and also holds the Nationality of Iceland. He was born to parents Björn [Father] and Ragnheiður [Mother], his parents were of incredible height as both the parents measured around 6 Feet and 9 inches.

As his grand inheritor, Jùliús’s Grandfather Reynir also stands distinguished as his grandchild, and is of same body posture just as his grandchild.

Jùliús grew up playing and working days in his father’s fields and always used to lift heavy things that proves he has gained strength and posture from a very young age.

He is considered polyglot as he is fluent in many languages like English, French, Swedish and Norwegian in addition to his native tongue Icelandic.

Jùliús was a chess player with a Blitz score of 800, he was found to be a enthusiast during his academic period. Jùliús, holds a bachelor’s degree as per his resume.

Professional life

Jùliús initialised his earning career by stepping into the basketball field, he gained the ‘center’ position by playing for the icelandic division of the team Breiodabik in the year 2004 and a year later for the team Fsu Selfoss 2005.

Due to a fact revealed after 10 games, it was discovered that Jùliús had a broken bone in his ankle, which had to be cured promptly, post the surgery Jùliús moved to Urvalsdeid powerhouse in the year 2006.

Hafþór played 32 games for the Icelandic junior national basketball teams and eight games with Iceland’s U-18 national team in Division A of the U18 European Championship. However, after a screw was damaged in his ankle, he had to undergo a second surgery.

He returned to playing FSu Selfoss at the beginning of the 2007-2008 season, averaging 6.7 points per game. Unfortunately, a nasty ankle continued, eventually forcing him to retire from basketball at the age of 20.

In the year 2008, as Jùliús was working out in the gym , he was noted by 4 times champion Magnús Ver Magnússon also known as “World’s strongest Man’, which made Magnús recognise Jùliús’s potential in the field of Strongman, post the introductory meets Jùliús’s began training with legendary performers Stefán Sōlvi Pèturssón and Benedikt Magnússon.

In the year 2010,Jùliús won several Strongman contests in his native country Iceland. Some of them were entitled ‘Iceland’s strongest man’, ‘Iceland’s strongest Viking ‘, Westfjords Viking.

He also won five category events in the ‘OK Badur Strongman Championship’. The same year 2010,Jùliús held the second place in the “Jon Paul Sigmundson Classic” league.

The very next year 2011,in the month of June Jùliús was entitled ‘Iceland’s Strongest Man’ as he won the championship of “Strongest Man in Iceland”, and later received the wildcard invitation for participation in the “World’s Strongest Man” contest, and bagged the sixth position in the event, later he was placed at the position in consecutive years 2012, 2013 and 2015.

Jùliús became the first native Icelandic to hold the title of Magnús Ver Magnússon in the contest held in the year 1996.

To respect and Hold the title of Magnús Ver Magnússon, Jùliús injured a major Plantar Fascia muscular torn during his group stages and later came at the third place, this was later appreciated by the audiences adoring Jùliús’s willpower to maintain his reputation for the title by participating in all the scheduled events and thus achieving the longest podium streak in the event “World’s strongest Man”.

Due to medical conditions Jùliús announced publicly that he wouldn’t be able to continue his career in “Giants Live’ or “World’s Strongest Man” championships.

During the same year, he won the ‘Arnold Strongman Classic’ contest. In 2018, he was titled ‘Europe’s Strongest Man,’ too. With these establishments , Jùliús became the primary person to claim all the three prestigious titles within the same civil year . He broke and claimed the ‘Elephant Bar’ deadlift record to himself by lifting 472 kg in his third attempt.

Later in the year 2019 he broke his own record by lifting 474 kilograms worth weight and claimed the title of “World’s Strongest Man” to ever lift 474 kgs in deadlift.

Jùliús is also a remarkable actor, as he was casted as Ser Gregor in the fourth instalment season of the HBO produced hit Television series named “Game Of Thrones”, released in the year 2013, Jùliús was termed a Mountain Clegane’ and was portrayed as a knight with a cruel behaviour and an unnatural temper.

Jùliús played the part of the clegane for five consecutive seasons. ‘Clegane’ was “killed” grievously in the eighth season. He was casted for the lead role for Philadelphia Renaissance Faire during their debut season in 2015.

He was casted as ‘King Thor’, the leader of a Viking raiding party bent on capturing the little town of Amman.

Physical Appearance

Jùliús has a Humongous body portrayal and stands at the Height of 6 feet and 7 inches compared to a normal human being, he is two times larger.

He has a balanced and weight gaining diet, as he constantly visits the gym and is considered one of the heaviest men in history, he has an estimated weight of around 160 Kilograms.

Jùliús has a braided hairline, and white toned skin color. He has a trimmed beard and a heavy looking Muscular Body. He has brown textured hair color, with greyish black eye color.

His accurate upper body measurements are Chest 58 inches, with waist size measured to be 46 inches , and biceps to be of around 19 inches which is totally muscle based measurements and contains 0 percent fat.

Hafþór Jùliús Björnsson Wife

Kelsey Henson and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson have been married for 3 years since 20th Oct 2018. Jùliús had earlier relationships with Thelma Bjork Steimann, Andrea Siff Jonsdottir.

Hafþór Jùliús Björnsson - Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Family

Kelsey and Jùliús announced their child’s gender reveal in the month of april. Kelsey and Jùliús have a kid named Theresa Life and is in school completing her academic period.