Gustav Lindh Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Movies, Family

Gustav Lindh is an Swedish actor popularly known for being casted as lead roles in movies like ‘The Northman (2022)’, ‘The Dark Heart (2022)’ and ‘Queen of Hearts (2019)’.

The Northman actor was born and bought up in Vasteras, Sweden, he has an Swedish nationality and has an estimated networth of about USD 5 million as of 2022.

In this article you will find out everything about Swedish actor Gustav Lindh Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Movies, Family & more.

Gustav Lindh Bio

Full NameGustav Lindh
Birth NameNA
Date of Birth4 June 1995
Age26 years as of 2022
Birth PlaceVasteras, Sweden
QualificationBachelor’s degree in
Arts and Theatre studies
Zodiac SignGemini
LanguagesSwedish & English
Net Worth$5 million
Salary (per annum)$650,000
SpouseNot Yet
GirlfriendMolly Nutley
ParentsErik Hjalmar Linder,
Karin Larsson

Gustav Lindh is an Swedish actor born on 4 June 1995 in Vasteras, Sweden. As of 2022 he is aged about 26 years old. Also he is casted under Gemini zodiac sign.

He has an Swedish nationality and white ethnicity as his parents did too. Currently, it is said that he is single but according to rumors it was believed that he was in an relationship with co-star Molly Nutley.

Gustav Lindh Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Movies, Family

Gustav Lindh, known for his celebrity charms and attitude is a Swedish Based actor, who is known for his roles as Aron in the film Alska mig, with Jörgen Olsson in the television series Jordskott.

Furthermore he grabbed public attention by playing ‘Gustav’ in the Netflix adapted Movie Queen of hearts, also including his recognised role as Orca in the film named ‘Viaplay’ released in the year 2020.

To conclude he was noted to be playing the role of “Thorir the proud” in the fIlm “The Northman’ starring alongside actors like William Dafoe, Alexander Skarsgard ,Anya Taylor Joy, and Bill Skarsgard.

Early Life

Gustav Lindh is a Swedish based Actor. He was born in the city of Vasteras and in the country of Sweden. Gustav was born on 4 June 1995 that makes him around 26 years of age for the current year 2022.

He was born into a moderate and civilized family, where he also did grow up along with his family members. His parents Erik Hjalmar Linder [Father] and Karin Larsson [Mother], were a moderate nuclear parents.

He is considered to be the most loved child through his parents. He went to a general elementary school where he got hold of his primary education.

Later on went to a normal Higher secondary education based institute to complete his moderate education in Teaterhögskolan Malmö, later he was admitted into a reputed University to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Theatre studies.

Professional Life

Gustav Lindh, moved to his native film industry to pursue his acting skills after the completion of his academic period. Gustav performed for the very first time in the film {The Circle} ‘Cirkeln som’ as the role of ‘Elias Malmgren’ that was also released in his swedish based language.

He later on pursued two roles in the year 2016 the roles were of ‘Beck’ in the film Steinar and in the Television series named “Springfloden’ also known as “Spring Tide”, with his initialising role as Jörgen Olsson in the Television series Jordskott which also continued its timeline in the year 2017.

Gustav was seen to play his remarkable role as Jörgen Olsson, in the Television series released in the year 2016, he was casted alongside Eva Thönblad, Richard Forsgren, Ville Virtanen, Max Vobora, Peter Andersson and Happy Jankell.

By respecting his native Land Sweden, he played the role of Viskningar i vinden in the Swedish based television series named Maria Wern released nationally in the year 2018.

Consecutively, he spent a major period of his life by acting in television series in his native Land Sweden, his television series are as followed ‘Sthlm Rekviem’ released in the year 2018, with De dagar som blommorna blommar also in the year 2018, and Alska Mig released nationally in the year 2019, also with his known international role as Gustav in the netflix film “Queen of Hearts” released worldwide in 2019.

In the year 2020, Gustav contributed to the mysterious based television series ‘Top Dog’ released on the streaming partner Netflix, he was casted alongside Alexej Manvelov, Josefin Asplund, Kardo Razazi, Mahmut Suvacki, and Jessica Grabowski.

Furthermore in the same year Gustav was noted to contribute in the Björnstad’ named television series where A community in Sweden places its dreams of revitalization on the teenage shoulders of its junior ice hockey team; the team finally has gained national recognition until a violent act threatens to destroy Beartown entirely.

He played the role of Igor in the motion picture ‘Orca’, the movie delineates different centre lesson individuals in several stages of life and their circumstance amid the disease widespread. It captures their dissatisfaction and issues adapting with the need of genuine human interaction.

The Film was released in the year 2020, Gustav was casted alongside Tova Magnusson, Vera Vitali, Joel Spira, Alba August and Josephine Bornenusch. He was also noted to play in the film named “Riders of Justice” released in the year 2020, Gustav was casted alongside notable actor Mads Mikkelsen who is a known personality in the Hollywood industry, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Andrea Heick Gadeberg, and Nicolas Bro.

In the current year 2022, Gustav gained international audience for his role as ‘Thorir the the Proud’, the movie was about an action-filled epic that takes after a youthful Viking ruler on his journey to retaliate for his father’s murder.

Gustav is casted along legendary actor William Dafoe, known sibling actor Alexandar Skargard and Bill Skarsgard, with notable actresses Anna Taylor Joy and Nicole Kidman, not to leave mysterrical actor Ethan Hawke.

The Northman actor is said to have an estimated and calculated Net Worth of $5 million, as per his career timeline.

Gustav Lindh Girlfriend

Gustav is a straight oriented sexual human being, but also supports the term LGBTQ+.

He hasn’t been involved in any relationships lately, but is rumored to have a secret girlfriend from his native land. He was rumored to have love-affairs with co-actress Molly Nutley. They met at the set of “What A Fucking Circus” in the year 2017.

After many months of relationship, the couple took to the social platforms and announced their engagement in a Grand Hotel, but later on the couple announced they were going to forge their own separate ways in the year 2018.

Gustav, is a preserved person and is keen about his personal life, he rather prefers to keep his professional life and personal life on different platforms and states to be firm about his career status.

Physical Appearance

Height – 5 feet 11 inches (1.8m)

Weight – 75 kg (165 lbs)

Hair color – Black

Eye Color -Brown

Gustav Lindh Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Movies, Family

Gustav stands at an estimated and calculated height of 5 feet and 11 inches, with a slim personality approach.

He has a stabilized weight, and is rumored to keep his physical prior, as per his appearance and weight approach, he is said to have a weight of around 75 to 76 kilograms.

Concludingly, rooting to his natural looks belonging from his native land Sweden, Gustav has Brown eyes and healthy Black Textured hair.