Griffin Arthur Fraser Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

Griffin Arthur Fraser was born on 17 September 2002 in United States of America, he was born to American – Canadian actor Brendan fraser (53) and his ex – wife Afton Smith (54). Griffin Arthur Fraser is the eldest of the three kids for his parents. Know more about Griffin Arthur Fraser Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth & more.

Griffin Arthur Fraser Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

Griffin Arthur Fraser Bio

Full NameGriffin Arthur Fraser
Known ForCelebrity Kid
NationalityAmerican – Canadian
Date of Birth17 September 2002
Age19 years as of 2022
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
Zodiac SignVirgo
LanguagesFrench and English
Net WorthNA
MaritalNot Married
ParentsBrendan Fraser (53)
Afton Smith (54)
SiblingsHolden Fletcher Fraser (18)
Leland Francis Fraser (15)

Griffin Arthur Frazer born to the very popular American – Canadian actor Brendan Fraser (53), as known for his father’s astonishing performances in the Hollywood industry with contributions to the fictional pictography.

lets get to know ourselves about the Brendan Fraser oldest kid, Griffin Arthur Fraser born in the year 2002, dated 17 September to be precise, is casted under the Zodiac Sign “Virgo”.

Griffin Arthur, is one of the three kids, born to Brendan Fraser and his ex wife Afton their names are as follows Leland Francis Fraser [Born 2006. 15 years], and Holden Fletcher Fraser [Born 2004. 18 years].

Griffin Arthur Fraser Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

The Ex-couple whose marriage lasted for around 9 years did end due to complications, and post the divorce the Ex-couples were meals to media exposure due to uncertainties faced by Brenda Fraser and Afton smith in regard to their Alimony and child support payments.

Due to traditional accustomed situations the court granted joint custody to the maternal side, Although it is said that the ex-couple have been maintaining harmonious relations with their Kids. It is noted that the Film “The Quiet American”, released in the same year as of Griffin’s birth year, makes the film about 17 years old.

Due to the Divorce, Griffin is said to hold American Nationality as he resides with his mother in Los Angeles, California and belongs to the Caucasian Ethnicity. Griffin is amongst and the eldest among the Brendan kids, Leland Frances aged about 16 years as of the year 2022 is the youngest sibling and Holden Fletcher Fraser aged around 18 years is born in the year 2004 is the intermediate child.

Griffin Arthur Fraser Family

With a stable career, Brendan Fraser noted Afton Smith at a Mutual relation Winona Ridder’s gathering and felt instant connections with each other, prolonging the couple dated for around 4 years, and made their step to bond each other with the phase of marriage.

The couple tied knots with each other in the year 1998, and had around 3 kids in 8 years marriage duration, welcoming their third child the couple even welcomed their decision to split up due to affairs of Brendan Fraser to a notable celebrity named Mario Bello, as he was completing his work in china.

Griffin Arthur Fraser Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

Griffin Arthur Fraser Father

Brendan Fraser was born in Indianapolis, to Canadian parents Carol Mary and Peter Fraser, he found interests into theatre studies and pursued his career in the identical field, his initial career role was of a sailor in the film “River Phoenix’s Dog fight[1991]”, with a substantial role in “California Man” Fraser did find his stepping stones to be a great actor in the Hollywood industry.

Preceding his efforts and hardships, Brendan did get a leading role in the film “George of the Jungle” casting alongside his to-be Wife Afton Smith. Later Brendan is noted for his notable works in the fictional trilogy of the dead known as the “The Mummy Trilogy” And his original character in the geographic perceptions Film“ Journey to the centre of the Earth”.

Griffin Arthur Fraser Mother

As a limited hand in the acting career, Afton Smith is known for her roles in “Less Than Zero”[1987],Co-starring with Robert Downey Jr. Smith was seen in the Film “Once Again”, where she was recognised as “Girl in the disco”, she was starred with her to-be Husband in the Fictional movie “George of the Jungle”, moving on to her last career held in the year 2003, she was seen in the movie “Dickie Roberts”.

Griffin Arthur Fraser after parents separation

Following the Audacity, the couple did spend their time in the judicial court for their children’s custody, However the Judicial court offer them mutual decisions and Joint Custody.

The children spent most of their time with their Maternal side in connecticut, later spent their teenage at their Father’s residence in BredFord, New York.

Griffin Arthur Fraser Autism

Griffin Arthur Fraser is considered a special child, and gains love and support from both of his parents’s side as he suffers the condition “Autism”, to support their kid’s condition the Maternal Parent did narrate her sacrifices and hardships she had gone through while seeing her kid suffer the called condition, Brendan Fraser did reveal about his child’s condition in an interview and did feel sorrow about the sufferings the child had been through.

Griffin Arthur Fraser Net Worth

As Griffin Arthur Fraser is considered a special child, His Net Worth is still under review due to various reasons, but to conclude his parent the Fictional superstar has made his mark by contributing in movies and building around $20 Million dollars as his Net Worth.

Interesting facts about Griffin Arthur Fraser

Afton Smith has worked in the Hollywood industry by just performing in 4 movies, one of them are “George of the Jungle”, casted alongside with her Ex-Husband Brendan Fraser.

Post the divorce, the alimony was set at around $900,000 at first that Brendan Fraser had to pay to Afton Smith as per judicial law, later the Alimony was set for $50,000 a month and extra $300,000 for Child support.

Afton Smith assumed that Brendan Fraser had his wealth in residential and commercial properties, that he tried to hid it from the Judicial court, when Brendan Fraser appealed to the judiciary court stating his health certainties and inactive career.