Elliot Kingsley [Ozzy Osbourne’s son] Age, height, Bio, Parents, Networth

Elliot Kingsley is the adopted son of English singer-song writer Ozzy Osbourne also known by his real name John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne. Elliot Kingsley being the star kid he always had stayed away from limelight and not even had attended an interview.

He is always being clicked with his step-father Ozzy Osbourne which he don’t like much too, Here we have collected full information about Ozzy Osbourne’s adopted son Elliot Kingsley age, height, bio, family, real parents, Net Worth, relationship status & more.

Elliot Kingsley [Ozzy Osbourne's son] Age, height, Bio, Parents, Networth

Elliot Kingsley Biography

Full NameElliot Kingsley
ProfessionTheatre Entertainer
Date of Birth1966
Age56 years as of 2022
Birth PlaceUnited States
HometownUnited States
Zodiac SignLibra
MotherTherma Riley
Step-FatherOzzy Osbourne
Step-SiblingsKelly Osbourne (37)
Jack Osbourne (36)
Aimee Osbourne (38)
Jessica Osbourne (42)
Louis Osbourne (47)
Net Worth$600 thousand

Elliot Kingsley is just counted as a Celebrity’s adopted kid, Elliot Kingsley is the adopted son of the Mega celebrity ‘Ozzy Osbourne’, and Thelma Riley belonged to the maternal side.

Born in the year 1966, and aged around 56 years to the year 2022,and physical appearances come a quite in handy as Elliot is seen interacting very often, he stands around 6’2 inches, and weighed around 65 kgs and as per reports Elliot Kingsley is a bit keen about his Marital status and doesn’t appreciate conversing about it in the open, “Thelma mother of Kingsley, was primary literature at a school and was found to have affairs with the famous songwriter- “Ozzy Osbourne”, and later adopted Kingsley.

Elliot Kingsley [Ozzy Osbourne's son] Age, height, Bio, Parents, Networth
Elliot Kingsley theatrical play

Kingsley was raised and nurtured among 5 other siblings Jessica Osbourne, Louis Bourne, Aimee Osbourne and Kelly Michelle and to conclude Jack Osbourne.

The Family maintains a heritage of being Filthy Rich and successful in individual fields, with inviting a negative impact on the marriage the couple ‘Thelma-Ozzy Osbourne’ casted separate ways and filed divorce, after 11 years.

About Ozzy Osbourne

John Micheal ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne, born at the mid end of a decade was dated December Third 1948, is an English Songwriter, and Daily Television media star. His career boosted off in 1970’s.

He is known for his lead vocalist position on the albums “Heavy Metal” and ‘Black Sabbath” and the fans named him as the “Prince of Darkness”. With the shadow of Drugs and alcohol casting its darkness on Ozzy, led the other band members of “Black Sabbath” to discard him from the band, Nonetheless Ozzy made a successful career being out alone and is also known for it.

Elliot Kingsley [Ozzy Osbourne's son] Age, height, Bio, Parents, Networth
Elliot Kingsley Family

Ozzy is said to have earned around $100 million for his combined works in “Black Sabbath” and his solo-career. He got into ‘UK Music Hall of Fame” for his Singles and as a member of the band “Black Sabbath”. With Honours from the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” and “Birmingham Walk of Stars”, Ozzy received awards in the year 2014 from MTV Europe Music Awards and in the year 2015 for “Global Icon Award”.

At a personal level, Ozzy was considered a absent father as, his solo career demanded touring and recording at different stations, Likewise he gained abuse along his career-path, this was one of the reasons for the filing of divorce from his spouse Thelma’, on the contrary identical to leaving “Black Sabbath” and initialising his Solo-career, Ozzy was seen gaining affairs with a woman named Sharon, and were parents 3 kids named Aimee, Jack and kelly.

Ozzy Osbourne after separation

Ozzy Osbourne post being hitched to Sharon, got obsessed towards his new life and did forget his previous relations and it was like, he was reportedly abandon the life with thelma and every single relation with her.

Elliot was known to be a celebrity kid, and has held a quiet-oriented life and isn’t been conceiving relations with Media boxes, he did slide away from controversies and has been single as of now, Kingsley is heard to be starting a family of his own. Well let’s hope for the best and await Kingsley’s decisions and close-ups.

FAQ’s about Elliot Kingsley

How are Elliot Kingsley and “Ozzy Osbourne” related?

Elliot Kingsley and Ozzy Osbourne are related as adoptive Father-Son, and are connected to “Thelma” the first wife of Ozzy Osbourne.

Who is Elliot Kingsley’s Mother?

A English Language Literature, “Thelma” is known for his affairs and marriage with Ozzy Osbourne, and adopted Elliot Kinsgley, but later were divorced, due to alcohol and drug addiction.

What was the reason for Black Sabbath discarding Ozzy Osbourne?

Black Sabbath band members discarded Ozzy Osbourne for his Drug-alcohol addiction,and led ‘Ozzy Osbourne” to initialise his Solo-career.

Who is Ozzy Osbourne’s second wife?

Ozzy Osbourne, was seen hitched to a lady named Sharon and had children named, Aimee, Jack and Kelly.

Who is Elliot Kingsley’s wife?

Elliot Kingsley hasn’t disclosed about his marital status, and he hasn’t been interacting with the media, and disclosing about his Oriented life.

What is Elliot Kingsley’s Net Worth?

Elliot Kingsley is said to hold around $60 Million Net-worth.