Dita Von Teese Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Networth, Spouse, Family

Dita Von Teese also known by her real name Heather Renee Sweet is an American dancer, Actor, Entrepreneur, Model, Porn Star & Author popularly known for her role as ‘Gala Dali’ in American Fantasy film “The Death of salvador dali” directed by Delaney Bishop. Know more about Dita Von Teese Biography, Early life, Networth, Upcoming movies, Husband & more.

Dita Von Teese Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Networth, Spouse, Family

Dita Von Teese Biography

Full NameDita Von Teese
Real NameHeather Renee Sweet
NicknameQueen of Burlesque
ProfessionsActor + Model + Entrepreneur +
Dancer + Porn Star + Author
Date of Birth28 September 1972
Age49 years as of 2022
Birth PlaceRochester, Michigan State, United States
HometownUnited States
Height5’3″ (1.6m)
SchoolUniversity High School in United States
Zodiac SignLibra

Heather Renee Sweet also known by her professional name/Stage name Dita Von Teese was born on 28 September 1972 in Rochester, State of Michigan, United States of America, As of 2022 Actor Dita Von is aged about 49 years. Which makes her zodiac sign Libra.

Dita Von Teese is an American actor, Model, Entrepreneur, Dancer, Porn star & Author popularly known in United states for her movies in early 21st century.

Also Actor Dita Von is considered as an American Vedette due to her multiple works on stage as a dancer, performer & an actor in both television and movies.

Dita Von Teese has multiple source of income starting from Actor to a Businesswoman. As of 2022, Dita Von Teese is estimated to have a networth of about $17 million. This networth is estimated by her multiple working areas of her life from acting, Adult films, Advertising, Brand Endorsements & Brand Embassador.

Apart from these, Actor Dita Von Teese is an Entrepreneur where she founded her Lingerie company, you may visit ditavonteeselingerie.com to know more about her company. Her tagline for this company is “Advocate Glamour everyday every minute”.

Dita Von Teese Early life

American model & Actor Dita Von Teese was born as the Younger child in an middle class family of 2 children & parents she was born to Ken Sweet (Father) & Bonnie Lindsey (Mother). At an early age of her life she was fascinated towards fashion, so she started to work in an Lingerie shop at the age of 16 to learn about sales and marketing. She was also more keen to learn more about fashion and thought of building a brand of herself in fashion for the world.

To Build a brand of her own she knew that the marketing would costs her much more than ever so she started to become a model because instead of paying celebrities handful of amount for marketing her product she herself would easily market it when she gets the fame which she desperately needs, At that moment she came into eyes of a playboy.

The main reason for her rise to fame is by appearing in playboy magazine multiple times which people came were eager to know about the model, in an survey it is known that Dita Von Teese has appeared almost 30 times in the playboy magazine and in year 2002, she was in the cover photo of a playboy magazine. It is that time where people started calling her as Queen of Burlesque as her nickname.

After appearing in magazines she was allowed in multiple tv shows where she was doing live performances with Pussycats and Italian rock band Belladona.

Dita Von Teese professional career

Due to her presence of mind and her professional acting skills she was casted as lead actress in many movies in early 21st century, below is the list of movies that bought her audience attention and fame all along that made her the queen of burlesque in real life.

2004Blooming DahliaK. J. KleefeldElizabeth Curt
2005The death of Salvador DaliDelaney BishopGala
2007Saint FrancisEzra GouldSoul Bernard/
Pica Bernard
2012Forbidden LoveAli MahdaviMadeleine de Beaupré

American actor Dita Von Teese appeared in many short films and Music videos that bought her a huge face value and fame throughout the world. In the year 2005, she was awarded as the Best actress by Beverly hills film festival for her role as Gala in The death of salvador dali (2005).

Apart from these she was also seen in multiple music videos like “Green day: Redundant”, “Marilyn Manson: Mobscene”, “30 seconds to mars: up in the air”, and “Blue eyed christ”.

In the year 2022, she will be appearing as the lead actress in multiple movies like ‘Don’t worry darling’ as Burlesque dancer and ‘The latin from Manhattan’ as Zarella.

Dita Von Teese Family

ParentsFather: Ken Sweet
Mother : Bonnie Lindsey
Husband/SpouseMarilyn Manson (2005-2007)
BoyFriendEx Boyfriend
Marilyn Manson

Current Boyfriend
Adam Rajcevich
SiblingsJena Von Teese (Elder)
ChildrenNot Yet

American actor Dita Von Teese was born to Ken Sweet (Father) & Bonnie Lindsey (Mother) in the state of michigan, United States.

In the year 2003, Dita Von teese appeared in an Marilyn Manson music video which was claimed to be in post production in 2001 since then actor Dita Von teese and Marilyn Manson were connected secrectly without anyone being known, later in year 2005 22nd march Marilyn Manson appeared with 7 carat diamond ring and a absinthe bottle and proposed his love of life which was then accepted by actress in love, but sadly their relationship didn’t last for more than 2 years, there were speculations of Marilyn manson had an affairs externally which caused separation between the two in 2007.

Although she didn’t have a child with Marilyn Manson, in the year 2014 she was involved with Adam Rajcevich who is currently working in Walt disney company as a graphic designer.

FAQ’s about Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese Burlesque

Dita Von Teese also known by her real name Heather Renee Sweet is an American Actor, Model, Entrepreneur and porn star popularly known to have worked in many movies and tv shows, initially when she had a dream of becoming a fashion model and fashion icon so she started working as a model where her life drastically changed when an playboy had an eye on her who helped her become a great model now.

She also got a chance to be in a cover photo of an international magazine by the help of playboy due to which she also got an offer to play live performances in tv shows which bought her huge fan following and fame that she required the most, at this moment due to her excellent performances in tv shows she was named as ‘queen of Burlesque’ by her audience who loved her the most.

Dita Von Teese wedding

In the year 2001 there were rumours of her being in an relationship with co-star & director Marilyn Manson in the making of music video named ‘Mobscene’, but this relationship was kept as a secret for a very long period of time, then in the year 2003 when the music video was released officially they made their relationship official and also decided to get married soon which was made official in 2005. But eventually that relationship didn’t last for more than 2 years and they officially got separated with help of few lawyers and court.

In the time period of two years they did not have any child though and the reason of their ending relationship is the affair of her husband Marilyn Manson. Now, Dita Von Teese officially dating Adam Rajcevich (visual designer in walt disney company).

Dita Von Teese Birth chart

American Model Dita Von Teese was born on 28 September 1972 in State of Michigan, United States which makes her zodiac sign Libra.

Symbol: Scales

Element: Air

Ruling planet: Venus

Fall: Sun

Zodiac quality: Cardinal

Perfect match: Sagittarius

Weakness: Avoid Conflict

No match: Virgo

Fav Color: Light Blue