Avneet Kaur Quitting Aladdin naam to suna hoga, Ashi singh steps into shoes of avneet kaur

About Avneet kaur in Aladdin – Naam to suna hoga

(Avneet Kaur quitting show) Aladdin naam to suna hoga actress is qutting the show now have a look at what avneet and her co-star siddhart has to say something about this and how fans react to it.

the show “Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai” which did aired in sony tv which was produced by “sameer maheshwari”; actress Ashi Singh has stepped into her shoes to play the role.

Avneet had posted this earlier on her instagram account with a goodbye note have a look at it


The actress shared an emotional note on her Instagram and said that the character of Yasmine was very close to heart. she also said that she had learnt so much in and off screen with her co-star Siddhart nigam that from horse riding to performing her own stunts.

she also thanks each and everyone of her fans to being a part of this wonderful journey and she admits that it was a super special journey with all of her fans love and support(Avneet Kaur quitting show).

Reason she left Aladdin naam to suna hoga

Actress Avneet kaur , who has now quit the show, said; “I decided to leave the show because of the coronavirus crisis. I suffered from dengue last year, but resumed work despite my immunity not being strong. There was the stress of preparing for my board exams, too, at that time. It made me really weak. So, I am scared of resuming shoots at the moment. My parents and I decided that it’s better for me to quit. I am sad, but health comes first.”

about replacing avneet she told

Talking about replacing Avneet on the show; she says that she never wanted to replace anyone as it is difficult to surpass the benchmark set by the original actor. “I never wanted to replace anyone, as it’s difficult to surpass the benchmark set by the original actor.

However, what has worked in my favour is the three-month break; now, the audience will have to reconnect with all the shows and it will be easier for them to accept a new face.”

Siddhart nigam (rumoured boyfriend) on avneet quitting the show

avneet kaur boyfriend husband celebs99

as there had been news that Actress avneet quits show now for her health issues siddhart took to his instagram and had pinned a heartfelt note have a look at his post.


when asked about her relationship with siddhart, avneet has told that

“It’s funny when people link us both as we share a very different bond. We treat each other like monkeys and pull each other’s legs to no end. Siddhart is a great co-actor.” 

Fans breaks down because avneet quits the show

The actress avneet kaur shared a glimpse of her young fan breaking down in tears as she learnt about the replacement.

just because Actress avneet kaur decided to quit the show one of her die hard fans gets emotional over it, check out her reaction on actress.

Ashi singh interview on being asked how is feeling now?

According to sources, Ashi singh in an interview told that “From a simple girl, Naina (in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai); I have become a warrior princess. This is totally opposite to my previous on-screen character and that’s what an actor wants, to do something new. I’m really happy to get that chance. It’s a lot of hard work to pull off this character but I am enjoying the process, as it is giving me an opportunity to learn things that I haven’t done before”.

Ashi hopes viewers of the show accept her as the new Yasmine on the show. infact when asked about this issue she said “I was worried. In fact, Iam still. I don’t know how people would react and if they would accept me or not. These things are going on in my head but now I am ready. I am giving my best and trying to do justice to the role. I am working hard on my body language and diction so that people love me in this role,” added Ashi.

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